Why Phantom Secure?

Why take the risk?

Why would anyone allow strangers access to their information? Just the possibility that anyone could listen, view or distort any messages sent or received should be a concern for everyone.

When you place a phone call, phone operators, hackers or any one daring enough to plant a hearing device in your usual place of business, can pose a threat. If you use text messaging or email, all your messages are recorded, stored, sent in plain text, easily intercepted - even retrieved after deletion! With technology and the cooperation of network, phone and untrusted service providers, your communications are subject to real threats. With the global increase in data theft, your conversations over normal means of communications are not private at all. By using Phantom Secure we eliminate those threats.

Isn't it time for you?

Large corporations and government agencies realize the danger in security leaks and have spent millions to protect their internal data and communications. Isn't your information worth protecting too? The method through which we communicate in this electronic age comprises a significant part of our personal and businesses life. What we say and write can be used against us or for the benefit of others. Here at Phantom Secure we provide you with the same technology that government agencies and large corporations use to protect their communication, so you know your secrets are safe.

The detailed graph shows the difference between security risks related to commonly used forms of communications and Phantom Secure Private Messaging Service. At Phantom Secure we provide private, secure messages with unbreakable encryption.

Protect what is important to you today and in the future by using Phantom Secure.

Trusted Worldwide

Trust is the most important feature of our service. Without it any type of security becomes compromised. Based on our 8 year proven track record, we have earned, and continue to earn the trust of our clients worldwide.

  • Our top priority is keeping all client information confidential.
  • No clients records exist on our networks.
  • We have no affiliation with outside entities.
  • No third parties influence us.

We operate multiple state-of-the-art redundant networks in different locations around the world.

A Private & Confidential Experience

We protect not only your communications but also our identity. Other services may not share the same values or expertise when it comes to private communications. Those public or untrusted services may use your information for purposes undisclosed to you. We DO NOT require any personal information and do not maintain any records of your communications. Simply there is nothing for anyone to access, including us.

Our top priority is keeping all client information confidential.

A private service unlike any

Phantom Secure provides a Private Messaging Service like any other because we take additional steps to protect our clients and the networks they communicate on. We DO NOT communicate openly with the public, which can be found with other services that show no concern. Based on our experience and professional opinion, there are MAJOR RISKS associated with open communications as there are many "unfriendly" individuals and services that do exist that could compromise your privacy directly or indirectly. We refuse to recklessly open our service to the Internet or any service for this reason. This is why we are trusted worldwide as we stay true to what makes a service secure: Privacy.

We take our business and your privacy seriously.

Offshore Location

Our corporation and private networks are located offshore in countries that believe in privacy. Phantom Secure, with the help of consultants and lawyers, have designed a company that is truly private. Not only is there no information on our networks, the network and business components are also protected through their legal structure.

Phantom Secure Offshore Networks

Privately owned, operated and located in secure high tech bombproof facilities. As technology constantly changes, our networks are regularly updated with the latest in hardware and software. Our fully encrypted service transmits your messages safely over our secure network of servers from one handheld device to another. Our around the clock security monitoring will constantly track and trace any attempts to breach our system. This is our commitment to our clients as they deserve the best.

Unbreakable Encryption
  • Totally unbreakable military grade.
  • Combination of PGP 4096 bit keys and AES 256.
  • Fully compatible device to device encryption.
  • Encryption takes place on device before transmission.
  • Only intended recipient can receive and decrypt your message.
  • First in Class and Used worldwide.
  • Tested and proven in the field.
Secure & Private Communications

Consider the following benefits of our private messaging service, which will keep your communications secure and private:

  • Your purchase is completely anonymous.
  • Your data connection and device (provided) will not be registered to you.
  • Your messages are fully encrypted on your device before they are sent.
  • Your messages are fully encrypted throughout the entire transmission and can only be read by your intended recipient. This means if the messages were intercepted, a simply "hello" would be seen as hundreds of random letters and symbols.
  • The Phantom Encryption used is unbreakable; the same used by many government agencies and large financial institutions.
  • You have access to our state-of-the-art network that is fully encrypted and located in multiple offshore locations.
  • You have access to our technical support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Phantom Secure employs qualified and experienced employees who update, operate, and maintain the network 24-7.

In order to create a secure service, we have considered every scenario with the advice of our legal counsel, consultants, and experienced employees. The result is a proven and effective service.