Phantom Secure's clients are the most serious and sophisticated executives. When they demand privacy they expect nothing more than perfection as they depend on us to protect their communications. We have gone far beyond simply providing anonymous communications. What we have created is a true private experience that reflects every aspect of our business.

Phantom Secure is committed to always exceeding the industry standard, whether if it’s great customer service or our continuous reinvestment in our employees, service and networks – our goal is to be the best, as our clients deserve it. You can always count on one of our associates to be available to assist you around the clock no matter where you are.

Exceptional service for our unique clients that cannot be found anywhere else.

Communicate Securely at a Touch of a Button

Simply create a message and leave the rest to us. Your messages are encrypted before leaving your device and stay encrypted throughout its entire transmission. Messages can only be received and decrypted by the intended recipient.

No Back Doors

Our reputation as the most trusted global communication service is backed by our 8 year long history. We have no information stored anywhere and cannot access any communications.

What You Create Belongs to You

No information regarding your communications and identity are stored anywhere on our network. The information you communicate can only be found on your device and the devices you communicate with.

Not influenced or Affiliated

With any third party or government organization, we are a completely private organization with a mission to provide privacy to people who demand it.

Apps & Special Functions
  • Privé (Samsung Devices): Encrypted chat service, encoded using the Double Ratchet Algorithm, including messages, group chat, file attachments (including pictures), contacts and avatars. In addition to the encrypted device and trust zone, local data of Privé is stored in an encrypted database within the app’s private data directory. No other app can access this data directory.
  • PS-N (Blackberry Devices): Send an encrypted message that is encoded with a unique passphrase created by you. When a message is sent, it will be encrypted with a one-time passphrase of your choice. Your passphrase will be the only code that can decrypt the message.
  • Knox (Samsung Devices) is a multi-layered technology built into both the hardware and software of Samsung’s latest devices. From the Hardware Root of Trust to the Android Framework, Knox constantly verifies the integrity of the device and detects any tampering, ensuring your data is more secure.
  • LockBox is a secure encrypted memo pad that uses the latest encryption technology.
  • If your device gets compromised, simply request it for a Remote Wipe, all information will be deleted and your device will go back to factory settings, leaving no trace of information.
  • By using Phantom Secure Ghost Domain your anonymous email address is further protected by our innovative feature that makes it untraceable.
  • Phantom Secure Concierge Service is an exclusive service for our clients, to help you find the information you need, hotels, banks, dinning info, flights, limo, money transfers, travel info, and more...
Samsung/Blackberry Device with Special Configuration
  • Microphone disabled
  • USB only functions as a charger
  • GPS function disabled
  • Camera disabled (Blackberry)
  • I.
  • II.
  • III.
  • IV.
  • I. Microphone disabled
  • II. USB only functions as a charger
  • III. GPS function disabled
  • IV. Camera disabled

We continuously upgrade our systems as technology changes to make sure we protect your communications from invasion from others.