A selection of frequently asked questions is included below; please click on the question to reveal its answer. Should you have any additional questions, need assistance or would like to speak to one of our sales representatives in complete confidentiality, please contact us.

Yes we offer worldwide coverage as long as there are data connections in the country you are planning to go to.

If you anticipate any situation where you feel your device should be deleted, go to your home screen and click on the Remote Wipe icon and push send. If you are unable to do this you can request from your sales representative or our technical department to have your device remotely wiped. The result is having everything on the device completely removed and unrecoverable.

Yes, our technical department is open 24/7 and will be able to assist you in complete confidentiality.

No, identification is not required for purchase. We respect our clients' privacy.

No, the data connection and device are completely anonymous.

A payment by credit card will not be linked to the client as no component of our service including the device will be linked to the payment. A purchase order will be created and the product will be shipped using a standard product code.

No, all communications are transmitted on our private Phantom Secure Network.

We are an exclusive service with 4096 bit military grade encryption designed for the serious individual that demands privacy.