About Us

Phantom Secure is a high-end communication service designed for executives who need an effective and proven solution for their mobile concerns. For over 10 years our service has been put to the test around the world without incident, which has led to our global reputation as the leader in private encrypted communications but more importantly a company that can be TRUSTED. We emphasize trust because without it, any service would be questionable. Through innovation and reliability, we are recognized and appreciated by our exclusive clients worldwide as the most trusted private corporation.

Phantom Secure is a proven and effective provider of PGP encrypted mobile devices using the most up to date encryption technology and incronclad security protocols to keep your communications private.


Adjective: Belonging to or for the use of one particular person or group of people. From the moment you purchase and use our service your identity and communications will always remain private.

  • No identification is required for purchase
  • No hardware and data plan are registered to you
  • No payment can be linked to a client or their device
  • No messages are stored anywhere on our network
  • No back doors
  • No access to any information related to you even by us
  • No outside access or communication to our private service

An Exclusive communication channel for our executive clients, 100 percent complete secure anonymous communications.